Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Write a Digital Marketing Plan

How to Write a Digital Marketing Plan using "SOSTAC"

Without a solid strategic plan for your digital marketing, you really are flying blind. However, even the simplest of plans will give you the confidence of SMART objectives and the 'right' tactics for your target audience, working together to deliver an irresistible online value proposition.
Apart from that, you'll also know how you're going to monitor your campaign well before hitting tweet, post, or send. The answers will be at your fingertips when the boss starts grilling you about ROI and why they should hand over marketing funds.

Here are 6 good reasons for having a digital strategy from all-round guru of digital marketing, Dave Chaffey:
1.      You’ll have greater direction for your digital marketing
2.      You’ll know your online market share (and increase it - and know when it's          increased)
3.      You’ll have a powerful online value proposition
4.      You’ll know more about your online customers (the right channels, the right content, the right time)
5.      Your marketing efforts will be integrated
6.      You’ll have greater accountability and justification for marketing resources

Digital strategy plan
The provides a framework for digital marketing strategy and planning. It was originally devised by PR Smith in the 1990, and subsequently enhanced for digital marketing.

The SOSTAC digital planning template justifies an entire book to itself as each stage can involve a substantial amount of research, analysis and reflection.
However, as an introduction, we'll take a look at some of the essential questions to consider at each stage of the framework:
1.      Situation Analysis
2.      Objectives
3.      Strategy
4.      Tactics
5.      Action
6.      Control

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