Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Importance Of Combining Digital With Traditional Marketing

Marketers believe that the online marketing is the only way to go and that social media campaigns, email newsletters and website ads will produce the best effect.

Now, that is mostly true since a large portion of the population is online most of the time. However, traditional marketing still has leverage in the marketing world because not everyone is online all the time.

People still watch TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers. Furthermore, it is important to remember that some products give better results if marketed online, while others produce better results if marketed offline. The trick is to use a little bit of both and truly generate the best effect from the marketing campaigns. Here are a few most effective ways to combine digital and traditional marketing.

Advertising both offline and online

The basic purpose of advertising is to promote a business or a brand to the target audience, as well as to promote products, services or features. However, the ultimate goal for every marketer is to attract and convert as many people as possible. From that perspective, focusing only on digital or traditional marketing won’t generate the best result. Instead, it will cover only a portion of the online or offline audience.

As a matter of fact, both digital ads share the same principle of attracting different customers; but one for the sake of the other may be bad for business. Online ads can deliver a message quickly and efficiently to the audience on social media and networks, while offline ads such as TV ads can deliver a message to offline audiences.

Online tactics for offline sales

The most of the marketing activities are conducted online and mostly because a lot of people are engaged on either social media and networks or online communities or blogs. Technology didn’t really invent anything new in marketing per, it digitized the traditional marketing.
However, digital marketing has introduced many different strategies and tactics, besides being much faster and more efficient than the traditional one. But, to say that traditional marketing is dead or dying out is simply a wrong, as many traditional marketing methods still have the power to win over people. For instance, placing an online promotion for a Digital Marketing  is a good way to increase awareness.

The problem is that there are plenty more retail stores out there and just an online promotion won’t generate much attention. In that case, you’d have to resort to traditional marketing and attract people to come in and buy something.

Leverage publicity

Publicity helps you increase awareness about your business, brand, product, events and so on. However, to make the best out of publicity, you will have to leverage both traditional and digital marketing. Most of the times, it would be enough to simply educate people about what you are trying to promote or in this case, publicize by sponsoring an event, conducting a survey, arranging a speech or a debate and so on.

There are many ways to gain publicity and one of the best strategies is to write content. between optimizing content for digital marketing, such as blog posts, and for traditional, such Content works well for both traditional and digital marketing, as it consists of some detailed explanations, valuable information or simply entertaining stories. The only difference is as magazine articles or simply offline blog posts. Another great way to spread the word is via publicity stunts or other outside-the-box types of ideas that will use both traditional and digital means of marketing.

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